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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

So Many Sportsbook to Choose from

Since I started this website about sportsbook rants, people have been emailing me about which sportsbook I personaly use.

Sicne I am tired of answering these emails, I will tell you which sites I use.

I am a bit reluctant to mention the sites I use sicne I do not want to advertise websites. Especially if an issue occurs and you lose money with them but what the heck.

My sportsbook of choice are the following:

Pinnacle Sports - This one is a rock. I mean they pay on time and they got discount lines, asian handicap and discount juice.

BetJamaica - Another very reliable book. Their lines are up fast and they always pay out even if you take them for a big chunk of cash.

BetPhoenix - A newcomer in the business compared to the firs two but they are solid as they come.

So here is my list and you can find more informatin on good sportsbook at a website I co-own as well as get great sports handicapping information. Just go to