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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Betting Directory Review

As I was browsing the internet looking for a betting directory to look for a new sportsbook, I came across several websites under that keyword but I was disappointed by most of them as they are not true betting directories.

Obviousy, when you search for a directory, you expect to find something like Dmoz but all of the directories that I saw where sites that either had a gambling directory but was more of a secondary item and most of the site was filled with other content or the directory was more of an article related directory site.

After a bit more searching I did come across a decent directoy, which appears to be a newcomer to the betting scene.

I'm just glad that this site popped up as it should allow people that are looking for a directory to actually find one where people can just add their betting related website on by simply registering and use the add site button.

I'll definitively add my site to this directory.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Japanese Video Games

I recently received from my nephew japanese video games which was an odd gift as I don't play video games. I was bit intrigued as I open his gift which was a large box with a black device called a PS3(This happens to be the name of the japanese game console by the way).

Along with the larger package came 2 smaller packages which are the japanese video games. The first one was a game with a bunch of cartoon looking character but the 2nd box caught my attention as it looked like some kind of japanese video game that is a hores racing simulator.

Now, I handicap sports and I do a bit of horse betting which is why the game caught my attention. As a race bettor, I'm not very good and will never make a living off of it but this game was actually quite enjoyable as it actually let you bet on a horse and even had sttistics for the horse and everything else.

The game itself is called, Winning Post 2010 and I marvel at how far the japanese vidoe game industry has advance as this old foggy was impressed when they first came out with pac man.