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Friday, February 19, 2016

NBA Betting: NBA Trade Deadline Rumors

There are a ton of NBA trade rumors that have been discussed this past week, including some notable names that could be moved in the next 48 hours. What teams do at the NBA trade deadline – whether they upgrade, downgrade, or even stay the same can have an impact on the team’s NBA Future odds, as well as change a team’s momentum as they come out of the All-Star break.

There are basically three reasons an NBA team would be involved in a trade. First, the teams that are definitely contenders are looking to add that one piece that can give them an edge towards making a postseason run (think Cleveland). Second, a team could be looking to blow up their current roster in the midst of a season where they didn’t reach expectations, and they have no hope of competing in the near future (think Atlanta). Third, a team could be looking to add draft picks and keep a salary-friendly roster (think Philadelphia).

As of this writing there have already been two trades completed, and while there isn’t a guarantee of a big name being moved, it would be surprising if there weren’t a few headlines made by Thursday night.

It’s no secret the Houston Rockets are trying to get rid of Dwight Howard, but what would they be willing to take in exchange for one of the best centers in the NBA? Howard and James Harden do not mesh well, and after a rocky relationship with the Lakers, Howard is viewed by some as a locker room cancer. It will be interesting to see how the online sportsbooks view Houston’s chances of winning the Western Conference if and when a deal is made.

Another big name that was been rumored to move for the last few weeks is Kevin Love according to several sports betting online sites. The power forward has put up big numbers despite being the third scoring option behind LeBron James and Kyrie Irving in Cleveland – a team that has been leading the Eastern Conference for the better part of the season.

Love likes to play on the perimeter, however, and the Cavs are looking for a more physical big man. Love had been rumored in trades that would send New York’s Carmello Anthony to the Cavs, and another trade with Cleveland getting Ryan Anderson from New Orleans. Not sure if either one of those deals will work out. Love staying put with the Cavs isn’t out of the realm of possibility either. This is one of those situations where a team NOT making a move could have an impact on their NBA Futures odds – both in conference as well as overall.

Boston and Chicago seem hell bent on making some type of move, so keep your eye on those teams throughout Thursday. Remember, Chicago faces Cleveland on Thursday night, so if one of those teams takes the court with a shortened roster, it may be wise to fade that team.