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Sunday, March 4, 2018

Free NBA Betting Picks

Only 7 NBA games to bet on today but it shouldn’t stop anyone from making some cold hard cash with a few well placed bets! I thought I would take a break from the NCAA March Madness predictions hype and the drama that comes with it and focus on the NBA.

I am certainly not the first one to be doing that as I noticed that several iGaming Info Sites are also focusing on current games.

Heck, even the sports betting software platforms are getting into the game!

Enough of that, here are my FREE NBA Betting Picks for Today

Indiana Pacers vs. Washington Wizards

Today we got a couple of Eastern Conference teams that will probably go against each other during the playoff. The Wizards have the home advantage but then again, they are on their second loss in a row after being on a 4 win streak.

The Pacers are currently 12th in the league in terms of scoring while the Wizards rank #11. Indiana has not been very steady away from home this season.

Pick the Washington Wizards at -4.5 New

York Knicks vs. Sacramento Kings 

This time around, the Knicks are on the road where they will be facing off the Kings at the Golden 1 Center Arena in Sacramento, CA. The Knicks just lost their third straight game and are 20th in the league in scoring average.

The Kings have been struggling with their offensive end this season and are ranked 29th in the league in scoring. This won’t be much of a game but you could still make some easy money.

Take the Knicks at -2