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Monday, January 16, 2017

Football Handicapping 101: Football Betting Trends

With the Super Bowl right around the corner, I thought that it was time to write about football betting trends to help you bet on the right football team.

While sports handicapping is an ever-evolving concept, there are some basic fundamental approaches to handicapping football, and we will review the different methods used here. One of the more popular methods to handicapping football games is by using football trends.

Many amateur sports bettors think that football betting trends and football betting systems are one in the same. While they are very similar, there is one major difference. Football betting trends are specific to a team, while football betting systems are not team specific.

An example of a football betting trend would be “The New Orleans Saints are 9-0 ATS against non-conference opponents.” ATS stands for “against the spread”, and refers to a team’s record against the pointspread. Notice this football betting trend is only relevant to the New Orleans Saints.

An example of a football betting system would be “NFL Teams are 41-17 ATS in the regular season after four or more Overs against an opponent off an Under.” Note that this football betting system is not team specific, and instead is relevant to any NFL team in this situation.

Some football handicappers rely heavily on football betting trends, while others do not put much emphasis on them. NFL Handicappers that tend to use football betting trends believe that history for specific teams in specific situations is a good indication of how that team performs in similar situations.

NFL Handicappers that do not put much stock into football betting trends believe that there are more factors involved in a particular outcome or that with roster and coaching changes being made every year, the past records accumulated by a team that isn’t necessarily the same as the current year’s team.

Regardless of how NFL handicappers use football betting trends, they are widely regarded as one of the main handicapping tools used to handicap NFL Football games.

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