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Friday, September 27, 2013

2013 NFL Week 4 Picks

NFL Week 4 is here and I'm feeling pretty confident about how my action will go this Sunday! 

Since I took a hiatus from my real estate investment gig and took on instead the job as a moderator for an overseas investment forum, I have more time to spend on my picks.

So here are the winning predictions for the 2013 NFL Week 4

Chicago at Detroit: Detroit at -3.5
Indianapolis at Jacksonville: Indianapolis at +8.5
Washington at Oakland: Oakland at +3.5

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Sports Betting Software and NFL Week 2 Picks

Hello everyone,

As we go into the NFL Week 2, I have some great picks I want to share with you which will hopefully increase my winning picks record As this MLB season has been destroying me.

But first, I want to talk about a buddy of mine who has been looking to open his owns sportsbook and has been shopping around for a sports betting software to fit a small sportsbook.  As he went through the experience with me I was a bit chocked. 

I always knew that a good sports betting platform was expensive but never realized the extent of it as a good software will run you at least $20,000 and the premium software can cost over $100k

I am of course talking about owning the software straight up and none of that pay-per-head or having an account in someone else system.

My NFL Week 2 Picks for 213

St Louis at Atlanta  -7.5 Atlanta
San Francisco at Seattle -3.5 Seattle
Miami at Indianapolis -3.5 Indianapolis