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Sunday, October 10, 2010

NFL Handicapping

This is a post out of the blues but I found this interesting page about nfl handicapping that can be found there:

I am by no mean a sexist but I found it interesting that this article was written by a young lady. I found her opinion refreshing from the usual guy football handicapping talk so thought you might enjoy it.

NFL Sunday Week 5

Its another exciting day NFL Sunday and the here is a late NFL football pick.

San Francisco 49ers at -3.

The 49ers lose a power point because they are playing at home and it will be a struggle for thme to cover the point spread since the Eagles are a power house. However, the Eagles are pretty banged up from last week since losing Vick.

The 49ers have been struggling with their pass defense but since Vick is out of the picture, it won't be much of an issue in this matchup.