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Thursday, January 3, 2019

Best Bookie Pay Per Head of 2019

Another year has come about and its time for my series of the best gambling websites for 2019.  This time around, I am going to start with the Best Bookie Pay Per Head of 2019.  This is because as you all know I have begun my own Sports Betting Pay Per Head operation and this involves me.

Even though I am not living in a mansion because of my sportsbook, I am doing pretty well since I got started.  I would say that 30% of my income now comes from starting a bookie PPH a couple of years ago.

For those looking to start your own gambling operation, this might be an article you may want to look at.  This is because this is my own personal Bookie Pay Per Head reviews from someone who know the gambling industry.

Best Pay Per Head Bookie of 2019

Bookie Pay Per Head - This one is still on my list for being the best PPH provider int he industry.  I have been using them for about 2 years now and I have never had a complaint about them.

All of my players are happy with their sports betting software interface and  the operation pretty much runs itself because of their software.  I never have to worry about my players having the right line nor do I have to worry about the wrong line being given to my players.

The best part is of course that its only $5 per player and I get everything from live in-game betting to a casino, live casino and a racebook!  - This one is a bit of surprise contender that I am adding to the list.  This is because this is a hidden gem in the Pay Per Head industry.  They have been around since 2014 and have quite a reputation for having a top notch PPH platform.

Even though they charge $9 per head, it is well worth it because they are still in the low to medium price range and they service they offer is amazing.

In fact, the features of the PPH management platform are at last 30% more effective than the competition.  I would personally stake them against any other PPH services. - Last on my list is which is considered a pioneer in the gambling industry.  They actually use a combination of DGS and in-house gambling software for their PPH services. 

This not only sets them apart but does it in a positive manner because of the simple yet affective software.

Furthermore, I like that they are constantly improving both the player and bookie experience making the $5 per player totally worth it.