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Thursday, January 3, 2019

Best Bookie Pay Per Head of 2019

Another year has come about and its time for my series of the best gambling websites for 2019.  This time around, I am going to start with the Best Bookie Pay Per Head of 2019.  This is because as you all know I have begun my own Sports Betting Pay Per Head operation and this involves me.

Even though I am not living in a mansion because of my sportsbook, I am doing pretty well since I got started.  I would say that 30% of my income now comes from starting a bookie PPH a couple of years ago.

For those looking to start your own gambling operation, this might be an article you may want to look at.  This is because this is my own personal Bookie Pay Per Head reviews from someone who know the gambling industry.

Best Pay Per Head Bookie of 2019

Bookie Pay Per Head - This one is still on my list for being the best PPH provider int he industry.  I have been using them for about 2 years now and I have never had a complaint about them.

All of my players are happy with their sports betting software interface and  the operation pretty much runs itself because of their software.  I never have to worry about my players having the right line nor do I have to worry about the wrong line being given to my players.

The best part is of course that its only $5 per player and I get everything from live in-game betting to a casino, live casino and a racebook!  - This one is a bit of surprise contender that I am adding to the list.  This is because this is a hidden gem in the Pay Per Head industry.  They have been around since 2014 and have quite a reputation for having a top notch PPH platform.

Even though they charge $9 per head, it is well worth it because they are still in the low to medium price range and they service they offer is amazing.

In fact, the features of the PPH management platform are at last 30% more effective than the competition.  I would personally stake them against any other PPH services. - Last on my list is which is considered a pioneer in the gambling industry.  They actually use a combination of DGS and in-house gambling software for their PPH services. 

This not only sets them apart but does it in a positive manner because of the simple yet affective software.

Furthermore, I like that they are constantly improving both the player and bookie experience making the $5 per player totally worth it.

Sunday, March 4, 2018

Free NBA Betting Picks

Only 7 NBA games to bet on today but it shouldn’t stop anyone from making some cold hard cash with a few well placed bets! I thought I would take a break from the NCAA March Madness predictions hype and the drama that comes with it and focus on the NBA.

I am certainly not the first one to be doing that as I noticed that several iGaming Info Sites are also focusing on current games.

Heck, even the sports betting software platforms are getting into the game!

Enough of that, here are my FREE NBA Betting Picks for Today

Indiana Pacers vs. Washington Wizards

Today we got a couple of Eastern Conference teams that will probably go against each other during the playoff. The Wizards have the home advantage but then again, they are on their second loss in a row after being on a 4 win streak.

The Pacers are currently 12th in the league in terms of scoring while the Wizards rank #11. Indiana has not been very steady away from home this season.

Pick the Washington Wizards at -4.5 New

York Knicks vs. Sacramento Kings 

This time around, the Knicks are on the road where they will be facing off the Kings at the Golden 1 Center Arena in Sacramento, CA. The Knicks just lost their third straight game and are 20th in the league in scoring average.

The Kings have been struggling with their offensive end this season and are ranked 29th in the league in scoring. This won’t be much of a game but you could still make some easy money.

Take the Knicks at -2

Saturday, December 16, 2017

How to Read NFL Odds

Betting on the NFL is extremely popular for NFL fans and sports bettors as it adds more excitement to each game and can be lucrative as well. Knowing how to properly read NFL odds or lines can however seem like an overwhelming task but this tutorial on how to read NFL odds will help you become a pro at it!

Point spreads (also known as lines, spreads or sides) is the most common type of NFL wager. Every game has a favorite and an underdog of a certain amount of points. This number is determined by an oddsmaker.

A negative number (-) will always represent the favorite, while the positive (+) number shows which team is the underdog. Let’s look at a Point Spread example:

  • Chicago Bears +6.5
  • Denver Broncos -6.5

In the example above, the Broncos are favored by 6.5 points against the Chicago Bears, who are 6.5-point underdogs.

If you were to bet on the spread for the Broncos, they would need to win the game by 7 points or more. For a winning bet on the Dolphins, they would need to win the game outright or lose by 6 points or less.

Point spreads will be listed as whole numbers (-3, +4, etc.) or in half-point increments (e.g. -7.5, +10.5).

Under normal circumstances you will need to add at 10 percent “vig” or “juice” to the amount you want to win on your wager.

This increased risk is the house edge. For example, if you want to win $100 on a spread wager, you would need to wager $110. When the odds are listed as American odds, this is represented by a number after the spread (e.g. -110 ).

Totals or “over/unders” are second only to spread betting in terms of popularity. They are also one of the easiest types of wagers to understand. A linesmaker sets a number for the total points that will be scored in a game and you simply bet if you think the final score will be more (over) or less (under) than that number.

As an example the Over/Under Total for SuperBowl XLVII was 48 total points, which means a bettor could wager whether there would be more or less than 48 points scored by both teams combined.

The final score of this SuperBowl game was 34-31 with both teams adding up to 65 points, so the game went over and Over bettors won and Under bettors lost.

Betting on the moneyline can also be used or in other words the straight up winner. Your Offshore Sportsbook will have a higher amount to risk on the favorite and less to risk on the underdog.

If players are looking for a bigger pay-out on their selections they will look at Parlay Bets. This is where you take multiple bets and combine them into one bet. All your bets have to be correct to cash a winning ticket. This is harder to do and the number of bets increases the payouts for the money you add and for the harder it is the rewards are greater.

Bookie Pay Per Head Service 
A teaser bet is like a parlay bet where more than one selection must be made, but the difference is a players gets to add points to its wager.

For example in a 6 point teaser of a 10 point favorite you would subtract 6 points from the 10 points making your wager a 4 point wager. You will probably win more of these than parlays but your return on your money will be quite less.

A Future bet can also be made which is a wager on an event thats is happening sometime in the future. An example is to place at the start of the NFL season on which team will win the next Superbowl.

A Sportsbook Pay per Head company will adjust their lines during the year, depending on strengths and weaknesses of teams.

A recent addition to the player's arsenal is Live Betting. The Internet gives us the chance to wager together in real time. Live wagering is exactly what it says on the box: you can bet on updated point spreads, moneylines and totals as the game progresses during a live NFL broadcast. – that’s called live betting.

Enjoy this NFL Season.

Friday, November 3, 2017

2017 NCAA Football Week 10 Predictions

We are halfway through the college football season and by now, we all have a good idea as to which team can do what. This weekend we got some great college football action with thousands of people ready to place a bet on their favorite team or on the team they believe will win.

So I am going to make it easier for those who are still debating who to put their money on with a few predictions of my own.

Here we go:

LSU vs. Alabama at 8pm ET 

Alabama will host LSU in one of the fiercest rivalry in NCAA football. We all can predict that Alabama the #1 seated NCAA football team will win. Not just because they are a stronger team but also because they will have the home field advantage. The big question is whether they can cover the spread. has Alabama at -21 thanks to six straight wins against the Tigers who have a 9-4 record so far under the leadership of Nick Saban.

Take LSU at +21 

South Carolina vs. Georgia at 3:30PM ET 

 South Carolina is hot right now with three straight wins an do not seem to be intimidated by the Bulldogs. On the other hand, Georgia destroyed Florida in a rivalry game that has placed them in the No. 2 spot.

The online sportsbooks have Georgia at a -23.5 because they know that South Carolina’s latest victories were not against such a strong team. Some say that these two teams are in a different league and that Georgia will cover the spread.

It’s a tough one but this weekend, I expect to see a lot of underdogs cover the spread so take South Carolina at +24.

Florida vs. Missouri at 12PM ET

So the Gators just fired Jim McElwain but the football season goes on and the big question is whether they can take Missouri while on the road. Several sportsbook pay per head provider are seeing some interesting shift in betting and here is why.

The current spread for this match-up has Florida at -3 with a 61.5 over/under. Some may wonder why the spread is so close and that is because they think that the Gators are still stunned after suffering a defeat by Georgia and also because of the shift in coaching leadership. Plus it also helps that the Tigers have won their last 2 games.

The verdict is to take the Gators at +3.5

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

2017 NFL Week 1 Prediction – Patriots vs. Chiefs

The first week of the NFL regular season is always a tough one to predict because the NFL Preseason does not give you any significant insight on how a team will perform for the rest of the season.

Some may call this pick a cop out as everyone and their mother knows that the Patriots will win this matchup. The current money line on the game is New England at -420. For those not familiar with Sports Betting it means that you have to bet $420 to win $100.

So here is the skinny on this game:

  • Matchup: Kansas City Chiefs at New England Patriots 
  • Location: Gillette Stadium, Foxborough, MA 
  • Time: 8:30PM ET 

Odds from

Teams Spread     Money Line Total
451 Kansas City Chiefs +9 -10 +350 Over 48.5 -110
452 New England Patriots: -9 -110 -420 Under 48.2 -110

In this season opening game, the defending Super Bowl Champions Patriots(14-2 SU, 13-3 ATS, 6-10 O-U) are taking on the Kansas City Chiefs(12-4 SU, 9-7 ATS, 6-10 O/U) who are clearly the underdogs.

The Patriots will as always have a very strong offense. Despite Brady being 39 years old, he still has enough teams to perform well on the field. Even without Julian Edelman, it should not stop the Patriots from scoring.

On the other hand most sportsbook software companies agree that despite having to replace Dontari Poe and and needing a replacement for Maclin, the Chiefs are still a solid team that made it to the playoffs for the past two seasons.

Prediction: Take the Chiefs at -9 

Bookie Pay Per Head Service