Friday, June 26, 2015

Choosing the Right Sportsbook

Many sports betting fans ask how I choose the right sportsbook for myself.

Many times the answer can come from those companies that offer betting services online, as that’s how they earn their living. They explain their benefits in writing online, but then many are not interested in how they earn their living, but rather would like to know the important things in choosing the right sportsbook.

Of course, most of that is just propaganda to get them to bet on sports with them and may not always create the best results. This is why they are many websites that describe themselves as being a Sportsbook Reviews website or a gambling watchdog website.

Unfortunately, many of these websites will take advertising money from a sportsbook or be part of a sportsbook affiliate program which in itself creates a conflict of interest as how can they be impartial if they are getting paid to do this.

So How do You Choose the Right Sportsbook

The answer is actually very easy and complicated as it all depends on your style of laying.  To see if a sportsbook is safe enough and private enough to play at, I like to use a combination of research

First, I check out about 10 sports betting review websites to determine the rating they have.  If they have an average rating or higher, for me that is good enough as long as I do not invest too much money in it.

Second, I check out sports betting forums because sports bettors are fast to point out their grief on a forum if they had an issue with a sportsbook.  So based on these two things I know whether I have enough confidence in a new bookmaker to send money to them.

Does the Sportsbook Fit my Style of Play?

First let’s talk about online or offline. The online sportsbook sites have a lower margin of profit compared to the bookies of the bricks and mortar establishments. A local book may offer a line on a game at a -140 odds whereas the online book may have the same game at -110, so there you would have to make a choice.

Secondly the online books have an advantage in that you don’t have to go anywhere’s to place a bet and no going to a bookies office to bet. Everything is done via the computer or a mobile device, and even as you watch a game on television or on your mobile,as most offer live betting if you care to bet that way.

Where you live can significantly reduce your available choices. That’s due to fairly recent United States Legislation, whereby U.S. Citizens are told it’s illegal to bet online in the USA. Many people interpret the law differently, but regardless if you’re a United States Citizen you should carefully consider that. Thus one should check the government regulations of the country in which they live. However, many U.S. Citizens bet online but they deviate from the system for which they make deposits and payouts.

The betting limits are another consideration as some books are for only the recreational bettors,which indicates they are not interested in the big players, so they place limits pertaining to the maximum winning , so depending on how much one plans to bet, it’s important to check this out when you read the rules and limits online.

Also one needs to consider the offered betting lines and their profit margins, which in common terms is the vig, or what the book will charge on each bet you make, so here you can shop for the best lines and the lowest vig’s offered.  There are some books that offer great lines and odds on special events.
Another important point is to attempt to find out what kind of historic record the sportsbook has for payouts, as some books are cited for slow payouts, and some have been accused of not paying at all. Normally that information is available online with sites that review sportsbooks or forums.

It’s also wise to check on the Banking options as that can make your life in the betting World somewhat easier, especially when depositing or requesting payouts for you winnings. In the case the sportsbook only offers one system for banking, like bank wires,you and most others would seek another sportsbook.

Last but not least, if you Bet on Sports at an Online sportsbook are the bonuses and promotions the sportsbook your considering adversely affect their offers, and are there strings attached pertaining to play through and payouts.

If all the above meet your satisfaction, check this out. Some sportsbook offer no promotions, but simply great betting odds for their clients. If 2 of the books offer the same odds but 1 offers special promotions with no strings attach, then go for it. Just make sure you weigh all the benefits, and good luck gambling

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

NBA Finals Preview - LeBron-Cavaliers vs. Curry-Warriors!

The 2015 NBA Final playoffs are upon us with a 7 Game Series getting underway with the 1st Game on Thursday the 4th of June 2015 with the Cleveland Cavaliers taking on the Warriors of Golden State with tip-off for the game at 9:05 PM ET and played in California.

Yes, the Cavaliers of Cleveland are back for another NBA Final series along with their Ohio hero LeBron who is responsible for the team making it this far.

 The team is seeking their 1st NBA Title since back in the 1964 season and playing the Warriors of Golden State led by this Year’s NBA MVP J. Curry. Can Cleveland beat Golden State in the Finals for the NBA 2015 Season? With that being asked, let us review some key factors that could have a result in these playoffs with the Cavaliers and the Warriors!

1st they claim that home court is where the wins are born, and a general statistic we have for the Warriors is their home record in which in 45 games on home court they have lost only 3 games at their Oracle Arena.

On the other side the Cavaliers at the home court, the Quicken Loans Arena they have 26 wins and only 2 loses dating back to the 19th of January 2015, and to date during this post season they have not lost a game on home court. Thus, in this 7 game Series Golden State has more opportunities to win at home, as they have home court advantage.

So can a team that steals a victory on the road win this year’s NBA Title? 2nd they say winning and losing comes in 3-pointers, which is another part of the Warriors game that they are famous for, and that is the talent to hit from out yonder beyond the arc.

Presently Golden State leads all NBA Teams in 3-point shooting in the playoffs as they made 39% of their attempts. But Remember the Cavaliers follow in a close 2nd in that category with a respectable percentage of 36% of 3 pointers attempted.

According to the latest NBA Finals Odds, the Golden State Warriors are the favorite but since its the NBA, anything can happen!

So if you Bet on NBA at a preferred Offshore sportsbooks, remember you can be sure both the Cavaliers and the Warriors will come into these game with their 3-point attempts blazing, and the winner of this playoffs, could very well be the best 3-point shooting team. 3rd it pays to know the team’s role players, because all the Cavaliers players are not named LeBron, but other players like their duo on the frontcourt of T. Mozgov and T. Thompson have outplayed many of their opponents key players in these playoffs.

They are the ones that have to protect the rim against the tough Warrior’s A. Bogut and D. Green. The Cavaliers have a very talented backcourt with I. Shumpert and M. Dellavedova and J. Smith, and they will be guarding against the ‘Splash Brothers’ in K. Thompson and S. Curry of the Warriors. For the Cavaliers to win this 2015 Title they have to contain the Warriors deep attempt from beyond the arc. 4th we can’t over look LeBron and his 2015 season, to say the least has been like a roller coaster ride.

LeBron returns to his hometown with his sights on returning an NBA Title to Cleveland, but there season was a history of mishaps with injuries to team members, and then an injury to LeBron himself and has never seemed to completely recover. But LeBron has been unfazed by the various blocks in the Cavaliers path this season and has average in the playoffs of this post season 27 points per game. That coupled with his almost triple double adding 8 assists, 1 steal and 10 rebounds each game.

A former MVP LeBron now faces the Warriors and their current MVP in S. Curry, and there’s not a better opportunity for him to prove that he is still is the best basketball player in the World as he professes. Now LeBron must play at his best to provide his hometown with the Title, a long time dream of Lebron’s.

Friday, May 15, 2015

Betting on Soccer – UEFA Women's Final!

With the European 2015 Soccer Leagues coming to an end, it’s time to take a look at the UEFA Women’s Champions League final, which is to be played on Thursday the 14th of May 2015 at The Friedrich-Ludwig-Sport-park in Berlin, Germany with the Paris Saint-German’s team playing the 1. FFC Frankfurt team and game time is at 12 PM ET. 

If you Bet on Soccer at an Online sportsbook, and you’re new to Women’s soccer, then take a look at some information pertaining to each team.

The country records for these teams are:

For the German teams, their country has won 8 of the UEFA Titles in 13 different competitions, and the Women’s National team has been Champions in Europe since 1955 and has won 2 FIFA Women’s World Cups.

The French have been in the finals 4 times from 2010 through 2013 with 2 wins and 2 losses. The team has never won a World Cup, but did reach the Women’s World Cup back in 2011. 

In competition the 1.FFC Frankfurt team has played in 6 finals and won three titles, while the Paris Saint-German’s team had never made it past the round of 16 previously.

On the road to this UEFA Final in Berlin the Frankfurt team in eight games scored some 40 goals in total. The Paris team overcame the teams of Lyon and VFL Wolfsburg who has previously combined for 4 titles.

This UEFA Champions League season for the Women has a qualifying stage and then 4 rounds of 2 sided knockout rounds and 1 final round.

The Qualifying round is a 1 venue like mini-tournaments consisting of 4 teams and is hosted by a competitor team.

In the Knockout round, the winners of the Qualifying rounds and the two top runners-up participate in the 32nd round stage.

Thereafter, the tournament is made up of 2-legged knockout rounds, continuing into the round of 16, that drawn along with the last 32.

Then the draw for the remainder of the competition is completed, and that consists of quarter finals and semi finals over 2 rounds.

In the 2nd rounds if the scores are even after 90 to 120 minutes, then the team who has scored the most away goals wins, if that’s not the case, a penalty shootout phase is held to determine the winner.

The Friedrich-Ludwig-Hahn-Sport-park in Berlin is the same venue that will stage the UEFA Champions League Men’s Final in 2015. This Sport-park stadium has a seating capacity of some 30,000 (UEFA Approved 19.708) and is located in the North East section of Berlin, and is the 3rd largest Stadium in this city. This Stadium was constructed in 1951 and was renamed to honor the German “father of gymnastics’ who was “Turnvater Jahn” who to this date as a strong legacy in Germany.

Monday, May 11, 2015

2015 MLB – Keystone rivalry - Pirates at Phillies

With the 2015 Major League Baseball season slowly edging for the annual All-Star Break in July each year, we have MLB Game on Monday the 11th of May 2015, which is about the bragging right for baseball for the keystone state Pennsylvania with the Pirates of Pittsburgh (14-16) playing the Phillies of Philadelphia (11-20).

The game time scheduled for 7:10 PM ET and seen on CSN TV and the Game is to be played at the Citizens Bank Park in Philadelphia, PA.

This battle for those Keystone State (Pennsylvania) bragging privileges ‘starts with the 1st game of a 4 game series between the Pirates and the Phillies.  The starting pitchers in the game are as follows: taking the mound for the Pirates will be G. Cole who was the teams 2011 Draft selection at 1st overall is seek to comeback from this worst season start as in his 5th game he lost to the Cincinnati Red 3-0 as he allowed some 8 hits and 3 runs scored against his Pirates in five innings. Prior to that 5th game he had 4 good games in which he dominated pitching a minimum of six innings each game, as he struck out 29 batters and only allowed 3 runs against him. Taking to the mound and pitching on Monday for the Phillies will be right-handed J. Williams who, is 2 and 2 this season and with an ERA of 5.18 and in the last game he pitched he pitched some 5 1/3 innings against the Braves of Atlanta in which he allowed 6 runs in that game.  Now here are a few facts you should  know about this Keystone State game on Monday night the 11th of May 2015. The start at pitching in this game for G. Cole of the Pirates of Pittsburgh will be his very 1st start in his career at Citizens Bank Ball Park and in his 2 starts prior to this game he has went 1 and 1 and has 10 strikeouts and with a 2.61 ERA. A match-up or duel to watch in this game between the Pirates and the Phillies, is that of pitcher Williams of the Phillies and A. McCutchen the center fielder for the Pirates as McCutchen is lifetime 3 and 6 against Williams including 2 home runs. The only MLB Players with more home runs of Williams than McCutchen are Josh Hamilton and N. Cruz. This 4 game series for bragging rights in the Keystone State of Pennsylvania will put the defensive power of the Pirates of Pittsburgh up against the Phillies of Philadelphia’s offensive powers.

So if you Bet on MLB at a Sportsbook then you need to know that the Pirates of Pittsburgh come into this 4 game series as one of the best teams in the MLB this season and throwing out base stealer s in the infield base paths, as this season they have tagged out 13 coming into Monday action. Whereas, the Phillies rank 3rd in the National league with the third least stealer s caught off base this 2015 season to date.

To place your bet simple go to a trusted online sportsbook and let the MLB action begin! 

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

CRsportsBet and BetMayor Saga

Since I have a sports betting account with, I was obviously concerned when I was told by Jeff about a 60 day payouts delay due to BetMayor being bought by a company in Panama called Media-Tech, Inc.  Since I only have about $200 in my account, I wasn't too worried since I can afford a loss but still, no one likes to lose money.

Today, Kennedy whom I have known for about 5 years and is actually the one that introduced me to BetMayor, called me.  He basically told me that he now works for  He told me that he left BetMayor because he was not certain about their future.

He said he felt responsible to his players because he recommended them to BetMayor and since they are currently in a financial crisis, he wanted to offer me a deal that his CrsportsBet allowed him to make.  I would get an account with CRsportsBet with my current BetMayor balance in it for free and I would just have to roll it over 10 times.

Obviously, I took him up on his offer since Kennedy has never steered me wrong and I never say no to free money. 

After I had signed up with CRsportsBet and gotten my money in my account, I decided to do a bit of research about the book since I never heard of them.

Well, they are a new book for sure since there is not a lot about them.  I did run into an interested article by SportsbookSOS where the CEO of CRsportsBet talks about whether or not they have a relationship with BetMayor or not.  Their CEO, James Chu pretty much says that they do not and that they have been around since 2013 as a private sportsbook and became open to the public this year.

Click on the link to read the CRsportsBet interview

In any case, I'll keep you guys posted when I finish my rollover and ask for a payout.  Since they are a new book, I would suggest to anyone who is thinking about getting their NBA 100% cash bonus to only send $100-$300 to start with since they are a recreational sportsbook.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Super Bowl XLIX Betting - Catching the Early Line

Super Bowl XLIX is here which is an exciting time of the year as we get to see the best NFL teams of the season go head to head for the title but at the same time, it means that the NFL season is over.

This year's Las Vegas early line was a definite screw up on their part as most books had the Seattle Seahawks as the clear favorite giving them a spread of -2 to -3.

Once I saw that I put some big money on the Patriots for several reasons:

  1. Historically, its pretty rare for an NFL team to win back-to-back SuperBowl.  The last one took place 10 years ago with the Patriots.
  2. Russell Wilson of the Seahawks, was struggling during the Playoffs and unless he can get it together by SuperBowl time, the Patriots will take it.
  3.  The Patriots are in tip top shape and ready to win as seen last Sunday when they destroyed the Broncos 45-7
  4. Sherman has an injured arm
  5. The Patriots have Tom Brady!

Last night, I checked the lines and I saw that every major book out there had changed their likes to PK and then switched to a line that favored the Patriots running from 2-5 points.

Here are some of the Super Bowl Betting Odds so far(just keep in mind that the odds will change a lot until Super Bowl time!)

Sportsbook  Team Spread   Total   Money Line
1Vice Patriots     -2.5 -105      o49 -105        -150

Seahawks       2.5 -105      u49 -105    +130
BetOnline Patriots     -1 -110      o48 -110        -116

Seahawks      +1 -110      u48 -110    +104

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Beware of Jeff Hamstra and his Sports Handicapping Service

Streaksmarts Review - A Fraud and a Rip Off

A month ago a friend of mine purchased a month's worth of picks from this website, and for the low price of $50.  He was a bit skeptical because lets be honest, more sports handicappers online are not very good and you will be lucky if you can find someone that has a win percentage over 55%.

Since it was cheap, he went ahead and bought it on the off chance that this guy might be for real.

He was wrong as Jeff Hamstra the owner of the website was full of it.  My buddy used all of his picks on a weekly basis and he ended up with the biggest losing streak he has ever experienced losing a total of $3,500  for using his picks.

The guy had an average win of 36.43%!!!!  How in the world can he call himself a handicapper.  Most people just by guessing at random can get a higher percentage than that.

So as stated on his website, he asked for his money back.

The answer was that he would never see his money back and that it's just tough luck that he has a bad month.

The moral of the story is do a search before you decided to buy picks from sports handicappers.

So to end this review of Streaksmarts and Jeff Hamstra, stay away from that guy and his so call handicapping service.

Here is his information so you know that this is the person to stay away from:

Phone: 330 612 4498