Monday, January 20, 2014

The Benefits of Foreign Investment - Real or Not

So recently I decided to expand my investment portfolio because I am not getting any older and one day, I will completely retire, it was time to make sure my future was set.

Sure, I have some pretty good(or at least I think I do) real estate investments abroad and have a pretty steady gig with my sports betting picks but it never hurts to be prepared.

So I decided to try my hand in investing in foreign markets as I was reading that it's a great way to diversify your portfolio.

I am currently looking at a few of the top foreign investment companies and I have to say that I am overwhelmed with all of this information and am starting to wonder abut how safe is investing abroad.

Any help would be much appreciated as to what is the best way to invest abroad and which companies are safe and secure but also have the best ROI.

Gaming Company to Help the Jamaican Bobsled Team

So I just read this press release from  I normally would think that a press release from an online sportsbook would be just a way for them to get some free advertisement but in this case, I think that their heart is somewhat in the right place.

you be the judge as here is the press release:
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: January 20, 2014 Gaming Company to Help the Jamaican Bobsled Team San Jose, Costa Rica – Sports entertainment and gambling company 1vice S.A. has created a financial campaign to help the Jamaican Bobsled team to help them with the cost of going to the 2014 Winter Olympics Games in Sochi, Russia. As two-man bobsled team, led by 46-year-old Winston Watts, has earned itself a place in the Olympic Games in Sochi, Russia, they still have one obstacle to face, an $80,000 bill to cover travel and equipment cost.

If the Jamaican Bobsled team can come up with the money, it will be the first time in 12 years that Jamaica will have a presence in the Winter Olympics.

Unfortunately, the Jamaican team led by 46-year-old Winston Watts is not supported by Jamaica and are asking the public and companies for help.

President of 1vice S.A., Johnathan Griffin is a long time supporter of the Olympic Games and what they represent and has taken the initiative to help the Jamaican Bobsled team by offering his gaming client the chance to help out.

For every deposit made between January 20th, 2014 and January 29th, 2014, Mr. Griffin will give donate $5 to the Jamaican Bobsled team. In addition, any of his players who wish to make a contribution from their 1vice betting account; Mr. Griffin will match that donation.

“Ever since I saw the movie Cool Running with John Candy about the first Jamaican Bobsled team, I have been a huge fan of theirs and have been following them throughout their history.” said Mr. Griffin. “I strongly believe in what the Olympics represent and about underdog teams that have heart and high hopes which is why I want to do everything I can to help out.”

Winston Watts and brakeman Marvin Dixon of the Jamaican Bobsled team advanced through qualifying races in St. Moritz and now only have two more weeks to come up with the money.
### is one of the fastest growing sports betting company in the world that offers sports betting on all major sporting events as well as free sports betting content. 1vice is licensed in the Caribbean with offices around the world and backed by over 50 years of experience in the online gambling industry. Visit or e-mail us at for more information.

Safe Harbor Statement: Statements in this announcement that are not strictly historical may be “forward-looking” statements, which involve risks and uncertainties. These include risks and uncertainties relating to customer and supplier relationships and prices, competition, market demand, litigation and other contingent liabilities, the integration and operation of acquired businesses, and economic, political, governmental and technological factors affecting 1vice S.A’. operations, markets, products, services and prices, among others, as set forth in public filings.

Friday, September 27, 2013

2013 NFL Week 4 Picks

NFL Week 4 is here and I'm feeling pretty confident about how my action will go this Sunday! 

Since I took a hiatus from my real estate investment gig and took on instead the job as a moderator for an overseas investment forum, I have more time to spend on my picks.

So here are the winning predictions for the 2013 NFL Week 4

Chicago at Detroit: Detroit at -3.5
Indianapolis at Jacksonville: Indianapolis at +8.5
Washington at Oakland: Oakland at +3.5

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Sports Betting Software and NFL Week 2 Picks

Hello everyone,

As we go into the NFL Week 2, I have some great picks I want to share with you which will hopefully increase my winning picks record As this MLB season has been destroying me.

But first, I want to talk about a buddy of mine who has been looking to open his owns sportsbook and has been shopping around for a sports betting software to fit a small sportsbook.  As he went through the experience with me I was a bit chocked. 

I always knew that a good sports betting platform was expensive but never realized the extent of it as a good software will run you at least $20,000 and the premium software can cost over $100k

I am of course talking about owning the software straight up and none of that pay-per-head or having an account in someone else system.

My NFL Week 2 Picks for 213

St Louis at Atlanta  -7.5 Atlanta
San Francisco at Seattle -3.5 Seattle
Miami at Indianapolis -3.5 Indianapolis

Friday, April 12, 2013

Siding Replacement in Atlanta, GA

My trip to Atlanta to check up on my house there turned out to be longer then I thought as I decided to spend my time watching March Madness 2013 with my brother and his family.

I actually did pretty well for NCAA this season and tripled my money on the long run.  I actually spread out my sports betting online by using three different books.

Unfortunately, I didn't get to enjoy my winnings because as I was enjoy the beautiful spring Georgia weather I noticed that the vinyl sidings of my home were all damaged and beat up.  That is the problem about owning a home in Atlanta, GA, you have to keep it maintained if you want to keep the value of the home up.

Luckily for me, it was only the side of the home facing west that needed most of the sidings replaced.  After trying my hand at a building a wooden deck in atlanta at my brother's house, I decided to call in a professional this time.

This time, I knew exactly who to call to get siding replacement in Atlanta as my brother and I had used that company before to help finish his wooden deck.

So I call Dixon Group Services in the morning and later that afternoon, one of their siding contractor came over to the house to take a look at the damage.

Lucky for me, they are experts with Hardie sidings which is what I am using on my home.  Their representative as always was ery professional and courteous and in less then a week, I had new sidings on my home.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Is Generic Viagra Effective?

Ok, I usually would not write about such a topic but I thought it could be useful to some of the people that are my age that have ED or erectyle dysfunction like me.

Of course, I didn't always have it but in the past couple of years, maybe due to stress or me getting older or perhaps my lifestyle, I have begun to have some problems.

Being retired and on a limited budget, I have unfortunately been unable to purchase my supply of Viagra whenever I need it.  That is until one of my buddy who runs this sportsbook bonus website suggested I buy generic viagra online because it is a lot cheaper then the brand name stuff and just as effective.

Of cours, like most people I was skeptical.  I mean, everywhere on the internet people will tell you to be careful of the generic viagra because you never know what you will get.

This site however was different as it is endorsed by an actual doctor, Dr James Gross.(he's for real I checked him out and even called his office) and on top of that, my buddy swears by it.

So I took the plunge and bought 5 pills from the guy and even though it took 3 weeks for them to arrive, once I did try it, it worked great.

So my point is that buying generic viagra is ok as long as you know where it comes from.

In other news, this year I will try my hand at some olympic betting just for fun.  Consider this a warm up for the upcoming NFL season so wish me luck.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Looking for a New Sportsbook

Oddly enough, I am looking for a new sportsbook to take my business because of all of the problems with banking and security where half of the books I used no longer take US clients.

Let me tell you that finding a new book is a tough chore that I hate doing because of all of the pitfalls and traps involved.

In general, I have in the past have gotten pretty good luck in finding decent places for online sports betting by following the following rules when it comes to opening an account with a new sportsbook:

If I choose a new book(for the bonus!) I only deposit $500 or less and take out my winning and initial deposit before the end of October. Anything after is asking for trouble as that is when new books start slow paying.

Also, I never make large wagers($100 or less) and keep my winning small as to not draw attention that would give them an excuse for them to keep my money.

Check out the reviews on the book before hand in trusted sportsbook watchdog websites.

So far, I have narrowed my choices to the following as they seem to have good reviews: and