Saturday, June 11, 2016

Follow Up on

So it has been about a month now since I had opened an sportsbook account with and I thought that it was time to write a follow up about my experience with them.

So I ended up losing my ass in the beginning of the NBA playoffs and ended up making a new deposit with them for $500.  This time however, I got a pretty decent deal as I had made a deposit on Monday which according to the sportsbetsonline promo page is cash Monday.  So I got a 50% cash bonus and a free $100 bet on game 5 of the NBA finals.

So I finally started building my bankroll over the past 3 weeks with them and actually got me 2 payouts.  One for $500 and another for $300 via WU.

My account balance with them is currently $100 and Monday I will see how I do on my free bet for game 5 of the NBA finals.

So right now, they have been paying despite being the slow season and I am confident that they will keep paying their payouts until the end of the 2016-2017 football season as they seem to have the financial backing to hold out throughout the slow season but I will still be cautious and keep my balance with them at a minimum.

If you are interested in opening an account with SportsBetsOnline click Here

Monday, May 9, 2016

Who is

Over the weekend I received an email from saying that I was invited to a by invitation only sportsbook offering me up to 200% free play bonus.

Sounds too good to be true?  It probably was as I have never heard of this sportsbook before so I thought that I would do a bit of investigative work about this place since I am always on the lookout for a good deal.

However, I have been around for a while so I am certainly not gonna throw my money away unless I get some decent feedback.  Unfortunately, I was only about to find one review about which was done very recently by but a good site that I have been visiting for over a year and it usually has pretty solid information.

In short, they said that the book started as a credit shop and this year decided to accept post-up players by invitation only.  Now, we all know about credit shops going from credit to post-up and most ended up going broke like Lazerwager back in 2008.

So this book is on my risky but doable list as long as I make sure to keep a small balance there( that means getting a payout every time I get ahead!) and make sure to take most of my money out before the end of the March Madness.

So I signed up and immediately, received an email from Alan telling me that on Monday, players get a 50% cash bonus with an 8x rollover when they deposit $500 or more.  Since its the beginning of the slow season, I figured that I would forego the cash bonus and just deposit $300 and get a 100% Free play bonus instead.

So I got the usual WU name and just now gave them my control number and so far so good.  The betting interface is nothing to brag about but at least it works.  So as soon as I start making some money there and get my first payout I will keep you update.

If you are looking for somewhere to bet on the NBA playoffs and are unlike me and not willing to take a risk for a big bonus, you should try or Bovada as they are both great books that have been around for decades with a great reputation.

Friday, February 19, 2016

NBA Betting: NBA Trade Deadline Rumors

There are a ton of NBA trade rumors that have been discussed this past week, including some notable names that could be moved in the next 48 hours. What teams do at the NBA trade deadline – whether they upgrade, downgrade, or even stay the same can have an impact on the team’s NBA Future odds, as well as change a team’s momentum as they come out of the All-Star break.

There are basically three reasons an NBA team would be involved in a trade. First, the teams that are definitely contenders are looking to add that one piece that can give them an edge towards making a postseason run (think Cleveland). Second, a team could be looking to blow up their current roster in the midst of a season where they didn’t reach expectations, and they have no hope of competing in the near future (think Atlanta). Third, a team could be looking to add draft picks and keep a salary-friendly roster (think Philadelphia).

As of this writing there have already been two trades completed, and while there isn’t a guarantee of a big name being moved, it would be surprising if there weren’t a few headlines made by Thursday night.

It’s no secret the Houston Rockets are trying to get rid of Dwight Howard, but what would they be willing to take in exchange for one of the best centers in the NBA? Howard and James Harden do not mesh well, and after a rocky relationship with the Lakers, Howard is viewed by some as a locker room cancer. It will be interesting to see how the online sportsbooks view Houston’s chances of winning the Western Conference if and when a deal is made.

Another big name that was been rumored to move for the last few weeks is Kevin Love according to several sports betting online sites. The power forward has put up big numbers despite being the third scoring option behind LeBron James and Kyrie Irving in Cleveland – a team that has been leading the Eastern Conference for the better part of the season.

Love likes to play on the perimeter, however, and the Cavs are looking for a more physical big man. Love had been rumored in trades that would send New York’s Carmello Anthony to the Cavs, and another trade with Cleveland getting Ryan Anderson from New Orleans. Not sure if either one of those deals will work out. Love staying put with the Cavs isn’t out of the realm of possibility either. This is one of those situations where a team NOT making a move could have an impact on their NBA Futures odds – both in conference as well as overall.

Boston and Chicago seem hell bent on making some type of move, so keep your eye on those teams throughout Thursday. Remember, Chicago faces Cleveland on Thursday night, so if one of those teams takes the court with a shortened roster, it may be wise to fade that team.

Monday, January 11, 2016

2016 NBA Betting Tips – NBA Betting Update

It was a good week for the frontrunners in both the Eastern and Western Conferences, with the first-place Cleveland Cavaliers entering Friday riding a five-game winning streak, and both Golden State and San Antonio also went undefeated last week. Golden State has won four straight while San Antonio has won six games in a row. Cavs and Warriors maintained their small but comfortable leads in the standings, with Cleveland 2.5 games better than second-place Chicago and Golden State three games better than the Spurs.

Division standings aren’t mentioned often, as most of the attention goes to standings within each conference. However, there are two divisions that are doing far better than the rest in terms of top-to-bottom quality. In the Eastern Conference, the Central Division has four teams currently slated in playoff position, and all four of those teams have at least 20 wins (just three teams in the other two conferences with at least 20 victories).

Over in the Western Conference, the Southwest Division also has four teams that are currently in line for a postseason berth, with the other two division having just two playoff teams each. This is an important piece of information to use when handicapping NBA games, as teams in the weaker divisions tend to look better than they really are. Likewise, a team like Detroit that is in fourth place in their division looks weaker than they really are – as they are still better than other teams that are in second place in their division. It’s no surprise then that the Pistons are the sixth-best ATS team in the league, going 20-15-1 at the betting window.

Betting on basketball has much to do with public perception – you’re not going to find many chances to get good line value backing one of the elite teams like the Warriors, Spurs, Cavs, or Thunder. And more than any other sport, the NBA’s betting lines are driven by individual star players more so than the team. For example, if LeBron James was going to sit out a game for rest purposes, the line could move five points or more. These line moves are usually an overreaction, and some star players carry more weight than others.

Kobe Bryant is in the downside of his career, although you wouldn’t know it by his All-Star votes. But because Bryant is still a star player, the Lakers have not had good line value this season even with their poor straight up record. LA is one of the worst ATS teams in the league this year, going 16-21 against the spread for a total loss of 7.1 units overall.

The Spurs have surged to a commanding lead as the best ATS team in the NBA this season, going 26-11 ATS for 13.9 units of profit. That’s an insane 70% ATS winning percentage, and they have earned more than double the profit of second-best Golden State (6.7 units of profit). Expect this online sportsbook to make it even harder for the Spurs to cover the spread, and for San Antonio’s ATS winning percentage to drop in the near future.
We’ll be back next week with another NBA betting update.

Sunday, December 20, 2015

CFB Betting – College Football Playoffs

The nature of college football is always controversial, as unlike any other sport the National Championship is based largely on opinion rather than on the field of play. College Football aimed to improve that, installing a new four-team playoff last season.

This year, we agree with the CFP committee in choosing Clemson, Alabama, Michigan State, and Oklahoma, as those were the four most deserving teams. However, being deserving is not the same as being the best. While Clemson is deserving of the #1 overall ranking and seeding, they are not the best team in the country and the online sportsbook obviously agree as the Tigers are an underdog against fourth-seeded Oklahoma in the Orange Bowl.

In fact, we don’t even think Clemson is among the FOUR best teams in the country, as we believe Ohio State is far superior based on the eye test. But as it stands, this game sets up as a trap line by the linesmaker, with many novice college football bettors grabbing the points with the top-ranked Tigers while more experienced bettors are laying the three points with Oklahoma.

What we don’t agree with is how the four teams were seeded. Oklahoma was given the #4 ranking but is arguably more deserving than both Michigan State and Alabama to be seeded higher. The Sooners look the best of the top four teams over the past month and have better wins than both the Spartans and Crimson Tide. In fact, Alabama is ranked second primarily because of their conference, but as we’ve touched on numerous times this season the SEC is vastly overrated and was not the best conference in the country this year.

Even on an international level, a korean sportsbook lists Alabama as a big 9.5 point favorite against Michigan State in the Cotton Bowl – already down a half-point from the opening number of -10. Crimson Tide have several question marks in their passing game, and they won’t be able to rely on their running attack against one of the best rush defenses in the country. We only need to go back a few weeks to MichiganState’s upset win at Ohio State to prove you need to throw the ball in order to beat the Spartans, and MSU is also equipped offensively to do some damage against Alabama’s secondary. Michigan State is only +300 on the moneyline – a low number considering this high point spread, which indicates an outright win by the Big Ten champions isn’t out of the question.

The winners of these two games will meet in the National Championship Game, and the online sportsbooks once again believe Alabama has the best chance at hoisting the trophy. Crimson Tide are listed at -125 to win it all, followed by Oklahoma at +200, Clemson at 4:1 and Michigan State the biggest longshot at 5:1.