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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Beware of Jeff Hamstra and his Sports Handicapping Service

Streaksmarts Review - A Fraud and a Rip Off

A month ago a friend of mine purchased a month's worth of picks from this website, and for the low price of $50.  He was a bit skeptical because lets be honest, more sports handicappers online are not very good and you will be lucky if you can find someone that has a win percentage over 55%.

Since it was cheap, he went ahead and bought it on the off chance that this guy might be for real.

He was wrong as Jeff Hamstra the owner of the website was full of it.  My buddy used all of his picks on a weekly basis and he ended up with the biggest losing streak he has ever experienced losing a total of $3,500  for using his picks.

The guy had an average win of 36.43%!!!!  How in the world can he call himself a handicapper.  Most people just by guessing at random can get a higher percentage than that.

So as stated on his website, he asked for his money back.

The answer was that he would never see his money back and that it's just tough luck that he has a bad month.

The moral of the story is do a search before you decided to buy picks from sports handicappers.

So to end this review of Streaksmarts and Jeff Hamstra, stay away from that guy and his so call handicapping service.

Here is his information so you know that this is the person to stay away from:

Phone: 330 612 4498