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Monday, October 17, 2011

Looking for a New Sportsbook

Oddly enough, I am looking for a new sportsbook to take my business because of all of the problems with banking and security where half of the books I used no longer take US clients.

Let me tell you that finding a new book is a tough chore that I hate doing because of all of the pitfalls and traps involved.

In general, I have in the past have gotten pretty good luck in finding decent places for online sports betting by following the following rules when it comes to opening an account with a new sportsbook:

If I choose a new book(for the bonus!) I only deposit $500 or less and take out my winning and initial deposit before the end of October. Anything after is asking for trouble as that is when new books start slow paying.

Also, I never make large wagers($100 or less) and keep my winning small as to not draw attention that would give them an excuse for them to keep my money.

Check out the reviews on the book before hand in trusted sportsbook watchdog websites.

So far, I have narrowed my choices to the following as they seem to have good reviews: and