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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

2010 World Cup Qualifying Starting with CONCACAF

For the 2010 World Cup, three or four teams from the CONCACAF Region will make it to South Africa to take part in the 2010 World Cup and represent their country´s pride and honor.

There are 35 countries in CONCACAF, but only three or four of those teams will advance thru 4determining rounds to see which teams will make the cut

The first two rounds being a single-elimination format.

The first round consists of eleven games between the teams ranked #35 to #14 by the official FIFA Rankings. The winners advance to the second round to play another single-elimination game agains the remaining 13 teams.

The twelve winners of the second-round matches advance to the third round. Here, the twelve teams are divided into three groups of four, where each team plays the other team one at home and once away. The top two teams in each table advances to the fourth and final round.

The final round consists of the six remaining teams in a single table. Once again, each team will play a home and away match against every other team in the group. The top three teams get an automatic birth to the World Cup. The team that places fourth has a home-away playoff with the fifth-place team from the South American Region for a spot in the World Cup.

This year, the top three teams according to the May 2007 FIFA Rankings were Mexico, United States and Costa Rica. All three of those teams advanced. USA and Costa Rica advanced rather easily, while Mexico struggled in the third round and ended up advancing due to goal differential.
Honduras (ranked #4) and Trinidad & Tobago (#6) also advanced to the final round. #20-ranked El Salvador was the surprising final team.

The dates for the final round have been announced, with the first games of the round being played on February 11th. Asian sportsbooks will no doubt have USA and Costa Rica as heavy favorites throughout. Mexico will also be favored the majority of the time, but their spotty play may worry some online football bettors.

Costa Rica has looked the sharpest of the remaining countries, winning all six games in the third round and finishing with a goal differential of +17. The United States finished with five wins and one defeat, while Mexico struggled with three wins, two losses and a draw.

The matches set for February 11th have Costa Rica opening at home against Honduras, USA hosting Mexico, and Trinidad & Tobago travelling to El Salvador.

The World Cup is the most watched event in the sporting world so don´t let people fool you when they say the Super Bowl is the most watched event.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Pearland Photography Studio Services

Pearland photography studio services are hard to find if you are looking for quality customer service. Why in the world am I writing about pearland photography services?

ha ha ha, well, its because I happen to be in Texas right now and in the Pearland area which is where my cousin lives. I happen to be there to watch a basketball game but I will get into that later.

Anyway, I happen to mention photography services because I thought that since I rarely visit Texas and when I do I rarely visit my cousin that I would get them all a nice professional family portrait.

I wandered the streets of the Pearland area for hours lookig for a decent photography studio and every shop I went into, the customer service was awful or the prices where outrageous. Desperate to find a good shop, I turned to the internet and found this website for Pearland Photography, called, Kayumangi. What a name I tell you but I found out through the, Marius Lardizabal that it means the brown race and is a philippino word.

So after finding his site, I made an appointment to meet him and after talking shop with Marius, he gave me an excellent rate and even added a 10% discount since I was an out of towner and it was for a gift. He appreciated that and when it came down to the photography shoot with my cousin´s family he was very professional and very patient. Especially with the little one.

I reccomend to anyone in the Pearland area that is looking for a photographer to visit his shop. You can find more information about the photography services that he offers by going to Whedn you do go for a photgraphy session, let him know that Frank sends his regards!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Online Marketing Professional Services on the internet

I have been looking for an online marketing professional services on the internet without too much luck. Not that I was not able to find an online marketing company but more like I was having problems find the right company.

What I am thinking of building is a website where sports bettors can get unbiased sports handicapper statistics. Where a handicapper would place their picks on my website and the website would autiomatically grade their picks and show all sports bettors the results.

Well, I ain´t too good at website design, website programming, that online marketing stuff and that SEO stuff.

So I began my search looking for a company and man, they sure are a lot of companies out there. My problem was not getting ripped off.

Luckily enough, I found this article on called, "SEO Services: Choosing the Right SEO Company which really helped me out and lead me to this website called, BlindMOnkeyMedia(what a name) that offered all of the services I was looking for. A kind of one stop shop for me.

This in turn led me to this page, Online Marketing Professional Services Available for Internet Businesses which lists all of their services. So I tohught, what the hell, lets see if that company actually does what it preaches.

So I sent them an inquiry. lets see what will happen when they reply to me and if those online marketing professionals are the real thing.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Cheap Real Estate in Costa Rica

I started doing a search for cheap real estate in Costa Rica after a recent trip to to this lush and wonderful paradise country. I was curious about moving there because the natives are educated and friendly, American goods are available, the weather is perfect and the cost of living is cheap in comparison to the United States.

After quite a bit of research contacting several real estate companies in Costa Rica I came to this conclusion, real estate in Costa Rica is cheap.

The question though is why is it so cheap?

The main reason is that Costa Rica is in Central America and even though it is considered an Industrial Country, the infrastructure of Costa Rica is at least 50 years behind the United States.

On top of that, Costa Rican economists have predicted that Costa Rica is entering a recession making prices of real estate in Costa Rica even cheaper.

How cheap is Costa Rica real estate though? Here is an example to show you the cheap prices of Costa Rican real estate.

A home in the Atlanta, GA area priced at $500,000 USD will cost you in Costa Rica around $125,000. Looking at these real estate prices,if you are looking to retire and own your own home in the United States then Costa Rica is the perfect place to buy and invest in real estate.

Thus even if you sold your home in the United States at 25% loss, you would still come ahead after buying some of Costa Rica´s cheap real estate. In addition, the cost of living here is cheap when compared to the United States.

For example, the cost of living in Costa Rica is around $300 per month if you want to live like a local. If you plan on living like an American with American Food then you will probably need around $1,500 a month to live the good life(if you a house).

For an extra $500 added to your monthly budget, you can hire yourself a maid/cook.

The drawbacks to cheap real estate in Costa Rica is the change in lifestyle, the process of moving there which includes a lot of paperwork and being away from family and friends.

In the end, if you have the money and want cheap real estate and a low cost of living then Costa Rica is the place for you. All it takes is the will to move to a small country the size of West Virginia that is located in Central America

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

BCS Championship Game Betting - Florida as the Favorite?

BCS National Championship Game betting is just around the corner. Fans and bettors are eagerly waiting for some Orange Bowl Betting action where on January 8, 2009 the Oklahoma Scooners(1) will take on the Florida Gators in Miami, FL.

Lines makers and football handicappers all agree that the Gators are the favorite team to bet on with a spread of -4. Bookmakers are expecting that this BCS Championship Betting matchup will be a high scoring game as well with an over/under of 69.5.

Even though the Sooners are ranked no 1, why is everyone choosing Florida as the favorite? Some say its because this season, the SEC has destroyed the BIG 12.

The big thing going for Florida is their 12-1 at home record. However both teams have each crushed their competition with some hig scoring action with the Gators averaging 50 points in the their last 9 games.

The Sooners aren´t that far behind themselves in term of point scoring with an average of 60 points per game in for their last 5 games.

The concensus is that the Florida will cover -3 but if you can find a line on the Sooners at +4 then grab it and bet on it.

for the over under, even though the smart money says to go on the over, I´m going to go on a limb on that one and say that the under is where the betting money is at.

Whichever team you decide to put your BCS Championship betting money on, don´t miss out on this game which will air on FOX at 8:15PM ET.

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