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Friday, April 12, 2013

Siding Replacement in Atlanta, GA

My trip to Atlanta to check up on my house there turned out to be longer then I thought as I decided to spend my time watching March Madness 2013 with my brother and his family.

I actually did pretty well for NCAA this season and tripled my money on the long run.  I actually spread out my sports betting online by using three different books.

Unfortunately, I didn't get to enjoy my winnings because as I was enjoy the beautiful spring Georgia weather I noticed that the vinyl sidings of my home were all damaged and beat up.  That is the problem about owning a home in Atlanta, GA, you have to keep it maintained if you want to keep the value of the home up.

Luckily for me, it was only the side of the home facing west that needed most of the sidings replaced.  After trying my hand at a building a wooden deck in atlanta at my brother's house, I decided to call in a professional this time.

This time, I knew exactly who to call to get siding replacement in Atlanta as my brother and I had used that company before to help finish his wooden deck.

So I call Dixon Group Services in the morning and later that afternoon, one of their siding contractor came over to the house to take a look at the damage.

Lucky for me, they are experts with Hardie sidings which is what I am using on my home.  Their representative as always was ery professional and courteous and in less then a week, I had new sidings on my home.