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Monday, September 21, 2009

Asian Handicap Betting - Coming to America

With the world Cup less then 9 months away, I thought Asian Handicap Betting would be a good topic. I actually wrote an article about Asian Handicap betting for this Sports Handicapping Website in order to give people time to prepare for the World Cup 2010 Betting.

Here is a quick recap of the article I wrote:

the basic rules of Asian Handicap got rid of the draw by putting a handicap of x.5 as well as adding more advanced features like Quarterball/Split Line Handicap and many other features. A full explanation of Asian Handicap can be found on this website,

Asian Handicap is now growing in popularity in Europe and has begun to make its way into the heart of U.S. bettors due to the increased popularity in football or Soccer in America and the more attractive odds it offers. More and more U.S. gamblers are asking their bookies to adopt Asian handicap and sports betting websites like have now become in a sense Asian bookies.