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Friday, November 3, 2017

2017 NCAA Football Week 10 Predictions

We are halfway through the college football season and by now, we all have a good idea as to which team can do what. This weekend we got some great college football action with thousands of people ready to place a bet on their favorite team or on the team they believe will win.

So I am going to make it easier for those who are still debating who to put their money on with a few predictions of my own.

Here we go:

LSU vs. Alabama at 8pm ET 

Alabama will host LSU in one of the fiercest rivalry in NCAA football. We all can predict that Alabama the #1 seated NCAA football team will win. Not just because they are a stronger team but also because they will have the home field advantage. The big question is whether they can cover the spread. has Alabama at -21 thanks to six straight wins against the Tigers who have a 9-4 record so far under the leadership of Nick Saban.

Take LSU at +21 

South Carolina vs. Georgia at 3:30PM ET 

 South Carolina is hot right now with three straight wins an do not seem to be intimidated by the Bulldogs. On the other hand, Georgia destroyed Florida in a rivalry game that has placed them in the No. 2 spot.

The online sportsbooks have Georgia at a -23.5 because they know that South Carolina’s latest victories were not against such a strong team. Some say that these two teams are in a different league and that Georgia will cover the spread.

It’s a tough one but this weekend, I expect to see a lot of underdogs cover the spread so take South Carolina at +24.

Florida vs. Missouri at 12PM ET

So the Gators just fired Jim McElwain but the football season goes on and the big question is whether they can take Missouri while on the road. Several sportsbook pay per head provider are seeing some interesting shift in betting and here is why.

The current spread for this match-up has Florida at -3 with a 61.5 over/under. Some may wonder why the spread is so close and that is because they think that the Gators are still stunned after suffering a defeat by Georgia and also because of the shift in coaching leadership. Plus it also helps that the Tigers have won their last 2 games.

The verdict is to take the Gators at +3.5

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